G-Force Motorsport

Hungarian Baja - Day 2

Saturday, 27 August 2011 13:27

_028The first SS was not as dusty due to the grassy road.The results ofthe SS1 were the following: Boris Gadasin finished 2nd  6 seconds behind the Czech Miroslav Zapletal and overtaking Leonid Novitsky for more than one minute.




_062The forest track of the SS had many unexpected and dangerous turns which were not mentioned  in the roadbook and Vladimir Vasiliev caught a tree just 1200m from the start damaging the right sispension. They have gone back to the Service Park to repair the damage and rejoin the race for the second half of the Leg.  In the incredibly thick dust of the SS2 the top three are: Novitsky, Zapletal and Gadasin.

IMG_9294 After rejoinng for the second half of the day Vasiliev and Yevtyekhov in Proto 3 were positioned at the far end of the starting order so they had to overtake quite a few cars. Their results are pretty impressive. They were second on the SS3 and 4th on SS4. 

Can not but not mention the weather which seems like is changing so abruptly noody is able to catch up with it. The incredile almost melting hot +38 degrees turned into nasty cold storm wind which cooled down the air to +20 degrees. Wind brought clouds with it and in they evening they poured with rain. This is adding intrigue to tomorrows fight which will be happening at the special stage with forest grassy roads.