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Hungarian Baja. Day one

Saturday, 27 August 2011 00:23

IMG_8982The first day was a bit backwards as the prologue actually took place before the official start, but as you hear in the WRC sometimes in the FIA World Cup start order is all important. X-Raid's Leonid Novistky has a perfectly clear run through the 5.5 km Super Special Stage but for those running behind in his thick cloud of lingering dust it was a nightmare. “It was just impossible to see anything,” Boris said afterwards.



The few seconds he was slower on the Super Special are insignificant in themselves, but it means that he'll be running 3th on the road tomorrow, while Novitsky (who was unsurprisingly fastest on the opening test) will have a clear run. 

IMG_9043 The Hungarians might not have the best Rally Raid weather, but they do know how to put on a show. Just after dark the start ceremony took place in the town centre in with the floodlit backdrop of the baroque fa?ade of the mayor's office behind the ramp. Drivers were introduced and stepped out to say some positive words before heading through a column of flame throwers... magic!  


The team were trying to get Marina to put feathers in her hair and dance around the service car park in the hope of rain, but Gadasin's best chance will be a change in the perfect-for-picnics weather as some wind or rain will make the playing field much clearer.








Official results of SSS

Text by Robb Pritchard